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Why Test?

⚠️ Tests help developers validate updates and discover issues before they’re deployed to production.


In this post we’ll learn about progressive images and why you might consider them in your next project.

What’s Progressive Image Loading?
It’s the process of loading a low-quality image to serve as a placeholder to its high-quality counterpart. This process is useful for image-heavy or infinite-scroll pages (think Facebook or Instagram feed) because low-quality placeholders provide the following:

NUXT is an awesome server-side framework for rendering Vue.js applications via the server. I prefer NUXT over a client-side only Vue.js implementation when I’m concerned about SEO. NUXT renders each “route” from the server and therefore search engine bots and crawlers have an easy time understanding and indexing the page.

Now that we’re building a server-side application, you’ll prob want the ability to do all the fun and powerful server-side operations you’re familiar with. This is where Express comes into play. Express is a fantastic Node.js framework for building REST APIs. …

Today we’re going to explore how to upload an image from the client (via Postman) to Cloudinary with an Express server in the middle. We will utilize a server as middleware for increased flexibility and because Cloudinary offers a Node integration that’s simple to work with.


npm install express
npm install multer
npm install cloudinary

2. Create the following javascript file:

3. Before we test the configuration, create a directory named uploads adjacent to the file above (index.js)

4. Start…

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